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  • One Love, One Shot

    Fabricated Lifestyles x One Love

    This post is called One Love, One Shot, because of what One Love was able capture on 24 exposure fuji film. As we all know you only really only get one shot when shooting with film, its nothing like digital where you can retake a picture if you don’t like it. There is no doubt […]

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  • Fabricated Summers ’17 Wrap Up

    Fabricated Summers '17

    If you miss this previous event, you definitely miss out on one for the record books. As we continue to use mix media to create brand recognition, this past June we had another installment of our Fabricated Summers event that took place at John Doe Studios in Brooklyn. Well over 300 guest showed up and […]

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  • First real introduction to Feminine Physique

    Late Mornings by Fabricated Lifestyles

    The capture image of the body of a female, reminds me of my mother’s old salsa record covers. For some reason the memories of viewing those record covers as a child stuck with me to adulthood. Not sure why, maybe i was too young to understand the correlation btwn music & women or probably was […]

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  • Risky Business – Fabricated Lifestyles x Dylan

    Fabricated Lifesetyles x Dylan

    In this blog post we gonna talk about how there was a bit of risky business involve in these photographs with the very alluring Dylan. One of previous post we pointed out the inspiration behind one of our Jackets, with the same 80’s vision we approach these pictures. In the 80’s flick “Risky Business,” there […]

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  • FLS Camo Shirt goes to Puerto Rico

    Camo Jacket Fabricated Lifestyles

    Our creative director in the January went over to Puerto Rico to visit his family. Traveling with his Fabricated Lifestyles Camo he decided  to use this opportunity to have a little fun and have a shoot on this beautiful Island with his cousin Cris from small pubelo, Morovis, behind the Camera.  With Willow adding some fashion complimenting […]

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  • Fabricated Dreams #DreamBigLiveBigger Pop Up Shop Collaboration Event

    Fabricated Lifestyles Collaboration Pop Up Shop

    The long awaited Fabricated Lifestyles x Rdnmks collaboration Fabricated Dreams, #DreamBigLiverBigger Pop Up Shop event went down on Dec 10 at 28westby27. Despite the brutally cold weather, hundreds of people showed up to experience the Fabricated Dreams #DreamBigLiverBigger Pop Up Shop and to see the visual arts, music, and local clothing brands. One of the reasons this […]

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  • FLS Flag Jacket a 80’s Inspired Fashion Trend of 2017

    80's Inspired Fashion Trend 2017 Fabricated Lifestyles

    Spring 2017 Fashion Trend Jacket The 80’s inspired Fabricated Lifestyles Flag Jacket came out last month on www.FLSshop.com, design and cut is one hot styles for the Spring of 2017. The trend of club jackets are carrying over from 2016 into one top fashion trends of 2017. If you are a movie junky you would […]